Each deck contains 57 cards (just like Rook® cards):
 Bridge (Rook®) size 2¼” x 3½”)

FOUR SUITS and a WILD Rook® Card

  • Each suit is COLORED: Green, Red, Yellow, Black.
  • In each suit the cards are NUMBERED 1 thru 14.
  • 57th card is the WILD (Rook ®) card.
Playing Cards

Sample of Card Design

Why use our cards?

Simple: Instantly noticeably better than the Rook brand cards.

  • Sturdy professional (casino) grade card stock
  • Bold, refined, and classy design
  • Richer and easier to distinguish colors
  • Much longer lasting
  • Better slip, grip, and feel
  • Clear plastic storage case
  • Made in America


These cards are PERFECT for playing the ROOK® game! (Since other games are also played with Numbered Game Cards, the 57th card is termed WILD; and is used as the Rook® Card when playing the card game ROOK®.)

“These cards DELIVER and MAINTAIN a delightfully satisfying playing experience! Just that alone is so very worth it to me, let alone the extra bonus of longevity! These cards are a wish come true.” Erica M.

“The FUN of playing ROOK is back again. The struggle is no longer with handling sticky, flimsy cards; the struggle is now where it’s supposed to be—out-maneuvering my friends. These cards are actually a bargain, even though the initial cost is higher than ROOK® cards (Hasbro/Parker Bros.).” – Wilma P.

Sample of Card Design

Bridge Size Cards vs Poker Size Cards

Simple: Bridge cards are smaller than Poker cards.

Our cards and ROOK® cards are Bridge size cards at 2¼ inches wide.
Poker cards are 2½ inches wide (¼ inch wider than Bridge size cards).
Both Bridge and Poker cards are typically 3½ inches high.
A Bridge (ROOK®) player will, at times, be holding more cards than a poker player and thus the benefit of a smaller card.

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